UCD Exchange Fall 2015
  1. UCD Campus
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    UCD is such a beautiful school
  2. Trinity
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    Oldest university in Ireland and the buildings are so pretty
  3. River Liffey
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    Each bridge that crosses the Liffey provides such nice views
  4. Temple Bar
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    Enough said
  5. St Stephen's Green
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    Dublin's Central Park
  6. Irish Whiskey Museum
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    Learned about how whiskey's made and got to taste some in the process... Not bad
  7. Dun Laoghaire
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    The stunning sea-side town just south of Dublin - spent the beautiful afternoon walking along the pier
  8. Nightlife
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    Best nights to go out are Monday and Thursday
  9. Hunter Hayes
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    Bronte and I bought last minute 20 euro tickets to see Hunter Hayes and it did not disappoint