Ways I unwind when my kids have been brats all day

Today "mama had a day"... I even had a neighbor girl come over to babysit for a couple of hours so I could get some work done but was still interrupted 4 times because my kids were fighting with each other, baby needed to nurse and we lost the DVD remote...so really, there was no break for yours truly.
  1. Eat dinner by myself
    By the time the kids are done eating, I've only just plated. That means eating alone (cause Daddy's working late) but at least it's quiet.
  2. Hop into the shower as soon as Daddy comes home
    The only place it's truly quiet
  3. Gin
    And lime and LaCroix!
  4. Podcasts
    Tune out while I listen to podcasts that have been piling up, while sipping my gin cocktail letting Daddy put the kids to bed.
  5. IMDB
    Checking out what's playing this weekend. Ghostbusters!! Gotta see my favorite funny ladies. I need a good laugh. Screw the male haters of this movie. It looks fun and awesome. Oh, Emma Stone and Ryne Gosling are in a musical together??! Did I just orgasm?!
  6. High thread count sheets
    As an adult, you should be required to buy high thread count sheets. So soft and silky. I will sleep so well tonight!
  7. Half watch Game of Thrones with the hubs
    I'm still listening to my podcasts but half watching this critically acclaimed show. I know I should like it, but it seems kinda rapey. Women seem like they're at the bottom of the barrel. Lots of killing, violence and sex. Can't really stomach it right now.