A curse has been set upon me.

And for now, I'm embracing it.
  1. It started with my boyfriend.
    He gets to be down the street from the Kenny Chesney concert on vacation when he despises country music with everything in him while I have been begging for someone to go see the concert with me for months.
  2. And then my car.
    It decided to freak out as if seizuring and shake uncontrollably as I merged off of the highway exit on my way home from work last night.
  3. And then the dog.
    My boyfriend's dog, that I despise with everything in me, decides to bark loudly and unyieldingly as if being attacked consistently every 2 hours since 5:30 in the morning. I do admit I brought it on myself for choosing to stay at his house while he's out of town.
  4. And then the grocery store.
    Where my total turned out to be this, because if this isn't a sign, idk what is.
  5. What else do the coming days hold for me?
  6. Oh yes...
    I forgot about the cold sore I stress angered myself into over the car seizures.