Because I originally started this list a long time ago. I got away from it when the dreams stopped, but I had one so bizarre pop up last night.
  1. First dream I ever had about him, which was the most normal.
    He and my supervisor have an...awkward...relationship. They were arguing with each other in the dream and he had finally admitted that she was right and would do what she wanted to fix things.
  2. The next dream was just a little awkward.
    I went into another co-worker's classroom looking for her, but he was in it with the kids instead. I turned around to leave when I realized it was him, and he yells very loudly over the kids, "NO MS. KATELYN I WILL NOT HAVE YOUR BABIES!".
  3. The next dream jumped waaaay over the awkward line.
    He and I are both in the teacher lounge. As he is laying on the table, I'm unbuttoning his shirt.
  4. As if the awkwardness really needed to continue, the next dream attempted to get physical.
    The night before graduation, I was dreaming that all of the teachers and students from school had come to see me. They were all lining up to head to the college gym, but I still needed to get ready. On my way to the shower I passed my co-worker and said something I can only presume as rude. The next thing I know, he's smashing up against me in the shower (with the curtain as a barrier) saying if I expect his help in the future I may want to be a little nicer to him.
  5. And the awkwardness continues.
    He starts off telling me that I can call him doctor now because he just got his phd. I grabbed his hands that were out in front of him and excitedly told him congratulations. Then as I lean in to hug him, he swerves and goes in for a kiss.
  6. The ultimate level of awkward came in the latest dream.
    We're standing together in a conference room and he keeps making jokes about me wanting to sleep with him. Dream me says "no, I only thought about that once," all snotty and superior. He scoots closer and says "no, I'm pretty sure you still think about it now" to which I push him away and tell him to shut up.
  7. Just when I thought the dreams were done...
    In this one he started off by holding my hand and then getting much closer to stand with his arm around me and I can see my dream self looking all content like lalala yes please hold me closer and keep your arm right where it's at.
  8. A little randomness thrown in.
    I was sitting in my supervisor's office having a conversation with her and another staff member. I heard them mention my coworker and said "what about him?" To which the other staff member says "oh it's always about him!"
    Finally some actual action took place. It felt like he was trying to bite my face off, so I can't say that dream me was too impressed with his dream kissing.
  10. I just don't understand this one...
    In this dream I seemed to be having a dilemma about what I should buy his son for christmas. My coworker agreed that yes, this was a difficult decision because his son doesn't like PG presents.
  11. Too much...just too much...
    For the sake of app restrictions I will keep the recap short and to the point. I was in a bath tub and my coworker decided to join me. As I clung my body to the side of the tub so he wouldn't see anything he shouldn't, he says to me "it's okay, it's like _____, you don't have to try it unless you're interested." As I blankly stare back at him he proceeds to tell me that he is interested. Then he gives me a book and says that it will explain him. I wish I remembered all of what he said before.