And I really think EVERYONE should learn these lessons.
  1. Listen with the intent to understand, not the intent to reply.
    So many times we don't really hear what someone is trying to say to us because we are so focused on what to say to them next.
  2. It is not your job to make someone understand your perspective.
    People will understand what they choose to understand from a situation no matter what you tell them. Everyone has their own individual perspective.
  3. It is not your job to make someone accept you.
    However, it is your job to make YOU accept you. The most important opinion of yourself is your own.
  4. It is also not your job to live up to other people's expectations.
    Make your own expectations based on what feels right for YOU and makes YOU happy.
  5. It is not wrong to want to better yourself.
    Even if this means leaving people behind and making big changes in your environment.
  6. It is also not wrong to want to help people get to the good place that you are at.
    But understand that they won't always be as ready to move along and be mindful of their reluctance/resistance holding you back from continuing to grow.
  7. Other people's circumstances are not your fault. Just as your own circumstances are not to be blamed on others.
    We all have the capacity to make our own choices and to control how much we let others influence them.