How you know times is hard.

Today I was purposely deceitful. Dressing down in baggy clothes, no makeup, and hair pulled back all to get a free kids meal.
  1. The range for kids meals is 8-12.
    I am 24.
  2. When I was 12, I would have been annoyed to no end to have to order from the "kid" menu.
    Because who wants to drink from the lame plastic sippy cup? I want the big adult glass.
  3. But at 24 I'm like hell yeah, I'll take the kid meal!
    Because when you're in crippling debt from student loans, you take anything free you can get with no shame.
  4. Now let's think about which is worse...
    The fact that I purposely aged my appearance down to look 12 for sure or the fact that the waiter truly didn't question me at all?