I have a deep rooted, bubbly, hot, firery hatred of dogs.
  1. And I'm perfectly alright with everyone thinking this makes me the most heartless, soul sucking bitch in the universe.
    I just don't like them.
  2. Little fluffy puppies were never the way to my heart.
    Not as a child, not as a teenager, and certainly not as an adult.
  3. Barks are so unappealing to me in a sensory way.
    I'm sensitive to noise to begin with, so high pitched, never ending, yapping makes me want to rip out vocal cords.
  4. Keeping with the senses, I don't like to be licked, scratched, bit, jumped on, or rubbed up against as dogs are so inclined to constantly do.
    I feel a pressure to constantly be alert and can never relax at any friends' houses for fear of their dogs sneaking up on me with any of those unwarranted gestures.
  5. And all of the hair/fur.
    FUR COVERED EVERYTHING. Floors, clothes, sheets, couches, chairs, car interior, carpet. I don't understand how people let dogs on the furniture or in between their bed sheets without developing OCD to constantly decontaminate.
  6. When people let their dogs lick inside their mouths.
    Really? This just seems so unsanitary and makes me cringe. That dog could have just licked its own asshole, another dog's asshole, a pile of shit, garbage, vomit, dog food, dead aminals, the toilet bowl, dirt...any number of germ riddled things. And you willingly allow your mouth to be licked with all of these germs. I'm losing composure...
  7. And no, this hatred isn't because of some traumatic childhood encounter with a dog rooted deep in my subconscious.
    We never had dogs when I was growing up, and I never wanted to associate with dogs of close friends.
  8. Some people call it a fear and say I should get that fixed.
    It may have been more fear like as a child, but it's for sure hatred at this point in my life.
  9. And I don't want to "get it fixed".
    I'm comfortable with my opinions and preferences, even if nobody else is.
  10. So yes, I get it.
    I'm the mean, heartless, cruel bitch lady that lacks any real emotions or feelings or humanity because I hate those precious creatures that everyone else adores.
  11. I get it, I accept it, and I own it.
    And nobody else but me has to.