Popular activities that I don't enjoy.

Because I chose a friend group that loves all of these things and I just don't want to get with it.
  1. Going to the zoo.
    Same animals every single time. Over priced food that doesn't even taste good. Deathly hot temperatures and no shade.
  2. Anything nature related.
    Because ants, bees, flies, beetles, wasps, moths, spiders, and any other gross insect makes me want to die. I could do without getting dirty too.The most I like to do is take a walk around the neighborhood, and that's plenty.
  3. Night swimming.
    Why not swim in the day when the sun is out and the pool water isn't freezing?
  4. Bonfires.
    Yeah, let's get bit to death all over our bodies by millions of mosquitoes. No thanks.
  5. Camping.
    I'd rather sleep in comfort and not be paranoid that things are going to crawl inside of me in the middle of the night.
  6. Smoking weed.
    A new development, and they all have mixed reasons for doing so. But being that I'm not trying to calm my ADHD symptoms or I'm not substituting for alcohol because of my diabetes or I'm not just doing it because everyone else in the friend group is doing it, I have little desire to join the party.