Tales from a hotel front desk girl, part 1.

During grad school I worked hotel front desk, and now I am back again for the summer. It's only my second day back and already I am encountering the crazies.
  1. Some lady made fun of me for how I answered the phone.
    Granted this one is on me. My boss owns 2 hotels right next to each other, and I worked for the original one to begin with. So now I'm at the new one and I answer the phone with the greeting for the old one. And the lady says "oh, hahaha you forgot where you work?!"
  2. Then the crazy pizza lady came to visit.
    Who apparently worked for us before, so she says. She proceeded to tell me how much she hates the owners and how unfair they are. I guess they never paid her? Either way, she sarcastically wished me good luck on my employment and said I'm going to hate it because everyone here is scum and all the desk girls quit.
  3. I did not live up to my counseling degree and almost told a guest to fuck off.
    Not really because I have awesome composure. But she was complaining to me about something another desk girl told her, that was obviously not right, demanding to know why she would tell her that. Well sorry lady, if you can't even tell me who the fuck you spoke with, how can I tell you why she said it? Probably because she's an idiot and doesn't know how to do her job, but that's not my fault.