Observations from living with my nieces and nephews for 8 years.
  1. The oldest girl and oldest of them all. 14 years old.
    Acts way more adult than she is. Spoiled rotten and demands her way from her parents. Acts as an authority to the younger kids and can't be bothered to be nice and form real relationships with them. Critical of everyone and everything. She is God's gift to earth.
  2. Middle girl and second oldest overall. 12 years old.
    Slowly coming into her own but still living in her sister's shadow. Learning how to play the game with the adults to get her way. Seems sweet and innocent and obedient but slowly becoming more manipulative as she enters the teen years.
  3. Oldest boy and older middle child. 11 years old.
    Clashes will all of the siblings. Constantly acts out because he feels neglected. Low self esteem due to learning disability and lots of anger toward parents because they don't understand how to help him. Particularly hates the youngest, baby sister because she gets most attention.
  4. Middle boy and younger middle child. 9 years old.
    Peacemaker of the family, always trying to shut down the conflict. Highly intelligent and will talk your ear off about everything. Could be academically gifted. Wants to teach you how to do everything just as good as he can.
  5. Youngest boy and second youngest overall. 7 years old.
    Carefree and happy go lucky most of the time. Does his own thing and not to concerned about the other siblings. A generally chill and agreeable little dude.
  6. Youngest girl and youngest overall. 5 years old.
    Mommy's girl all the way. Always attached at the hip. Doesn't listen to anyone else. Super bratty and likes to tell everyone what to do. Massive temper tantrums when you won't appease her.