Because I just heard about this on The Talk and I can't figure out if I'm intrigued or if I think it's absolute shit.
  1. Do you do this by yourself or only as a couple?
    Like do I have my DNA analyzed by itself and they tell me what kind of DNA I'm most compatible with or do they test my DNA against the other person's DNA and say yes we're a match or no we're not a match?
  2. In that case, do I have to do the whole process over again every time I find a new prospective partner?
    First dates now consist of a trip to the clinic to get our DNA screened before we even bother to waste time and money on dinner and a movie.
  3. Or do I just keep my initial individual results on hand and whip them out whenever I meet someone new?
    It's like show me the carfax...but with genetics.
  4. This seems like it would take all the fun out of dating.
    And that's a lot for me to say because most of the time I would prefer not to mess around and just cut through the bullshit.
  5. But when I really think about it, reading and analyzing some compatibility report takes away any excitement.
    Which is also a lot for me to say because as a counselor I analyze the shit out of personality assessments and love testing.
  6. But I like the tests for understanding myself, not so much my partner.
    Because I like to think I'm an intelligent human being capable of holding personal conversations that allow me to actually develop a relationship with someone. And where's the fun in automatically dismissing someone because the DNA report said so?
  7. But I'm with the ladies of The Talk on one thing.
    What if my current partner whom I love dearly and am very happy with came back with totally incompatible reports?
  8. I would bet my salary that we would.
    Nope, nope, nope, and nope again. We clash on quite a lot personality wise. But the magic and feelings and attraction and love are all still there. So screw you DNA report!
  9. Besides not wanting a reason to question the strong relationship that's taken us years and years to build...I'm just too cheap to pay $250 for the test.
    Do you know how many other things a broke, in debt up to her eyeballs post graduate student could buy with $250? That's a whole other list in itself.