album art that i think is d*pe as fuck

this came about from an assignment to collect good examples of graphic design. disclaimer i tried really hard not to include just because i love the album/music, that being said these are all phenomenal albums, though are limited to those i found on my phone. i might add more later (*not in any particular order, like my life)
  1. day 'n' nite - kid cudi
    i really like the cartoon astronaut and also the nasa logo thing with his name innit. gotta love cudder
  2. divide - ed sheeran
    ed's latest, not even all the way out yet, but i love his theme of the mathmatical symbols, and also enjoy the original flare to each of the album covers, they arent all the exact same format.👌🏽
  3. ghost stories - coldplay
    the wings and their intricate designs within fascinate me. also i love oceanic shit yee
  4. a head full of dreams - coldplay
    what a dream sequence ish album, clearly reflected in the art as well as the music video for up&up (the best)
  5. repave - volcano choir
    more oceanic beauty, this one is on the line of "i just fucking love the album". but still, stunning and simple images catch a couple eyes
  6. macadelic - mac miller
    really interesting image. why are their eyes covered? idk, only mac would put naked woman on his album art but also one of my favorite albums by him
  7. twenty one pilots - twenty one pilots
    their first full album, rly sad but rly poetic imagery RT. if your brain sometimes feeling like it is meltin out yo skull
  8. vessel - twenty one pilots
    those are their actual fucking grandpas. that is all
  9. blurryface - twenty one pilots
    really loved the graphic themes of this album, the fear anger confusion and perhaps a bit of hope.
  10. peripheral vision - turnover
    i love old photography, and the colors are amazing yet dull and simple
  11. we got it from here... thank you 4 your service - a tribe called quest
    neat drawings and dope color palette. also i really like the circles in the squares.
  12. currents - tame impala
    really trippy album with a really trippy cover- love it
  13. a moon shaped pool - radiohead
    not really sure whats going on here but it is entrancing
  14. all the little lights - passenger
    i just really like these colors and the memories that come with this type of imagery (trees an shit)
  15. twelvefour - the paper kites
    neon signage is neat, plus fav colors
  16. too weird to live, too rare to die! - panic! at the disco
    really i just love the title of this album. and the colorful smoke. and brendon urie in general.
  17. death of a bachelor - panic! at the disco
    i realy like the drawing on the real image of his real house. wouldnt be surprised if he actually woke up on the roof and this is just a candid photo with drawings
  18. wilder mind - mumford & sons
    someone i really care about mentioned once that they would really love to just sit on a park bench. i also love the cityscape
  19. sigh no more - mumford & sons
    this would be fun to recreate. but i do love the shit out of this ep, and i also love squared up shots.
  20. fold - mother folk
    stark lonely imagery. also the reflection doesnt match the reality, which i think is poetic as all fuck
  21. blue slide park - mac miller
    really like these colors. so nice
  22. man in the moon - kid cudi
  23. indicud - kid cudi
    a lot of people trashed on this cover when he released it. but he said that he really liked it, and that it was exactly what he wanted. also i think it's pretty fire
  24. the life of pablo - kanye west
    this is the kinda shit that, in theory, took exactly one minute to create, but i bet he spent days deliberating.
  25. graduation - kanye west
    how imma be blastin outta this country next may
  26. the human condition - jon bellion
    there were drawing like this for all the tracks i think. idk who did them but i really like them. (he isnt that pretty in person tho)
  27. simple times - joshua radin
    #relatable cept for the suspenders. but you do you joshua.
  28. blonde - frank ocean
    i love this album art because it says 'blond' there, but it's totled blonde. also hos hair is fucking green? amazing
  29. culture - migos
    this album just came out. i just relaly like the clustering of images that represent their culture. pretty cool
  30. 22, a million - bon iver
    shoot me in the god damn face this is my numner one favorite album and number one favorite album art. all the graphic design for this project was done by eric timothy carlson, including lyric videos for all the tracks, which i just love to pieces. there are just so many different images involved in the whole thing and i love it. images are dope
  31. awaken my love - childish gambino
    where the fuck does he come up with this shit like huh. so erie and quite fascinating.