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  1. 1.
    Music of The Night - Phantom of the Opera
  2. 2.
    Candle On the Water - Helen Reddy
  3. 3.
    Moon River - Andy Williams
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  1. Oprah Winfrey
  2. Tom Selleck
  3. Edward Burns
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People that are famous that I would like to say hello to and shake their hand. After that point I usually get star struck and say stupid things...... If you have met celebrities you think I should meet please list them!
  1. Colton Haynes
    He seems like a very down to earth human being. I think we could be friends, but the distance between us is far too great.
  2. Orla Brady
    She's beautiful and she's Irish. I've always dreamed of going to Ireland and meeting her there would make it the dream of a lifetime.
  3. John Barrowman
    I actually got my picture taken with him at the Salt Lake Comic Con, but it turned out horrible. I almost burned it. Instead it's locked away as a reminder of how not to pose for a picture..... I would like to meet him again and take a better photo.
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I have complex PTSD that was caused by a very traumatic and oftentimes violent childhood. Once I learned there was a reason for the ways I act and react, certain things have come to the front as the most difficult to deal with. (In no particular order)
  1. The Cycle of Guilt
    There is always this overwhelming cycle of guilt. For everything. Guilt because I feel like I'm too happy. Guilt because I'm too sad. Guilt because I said something to a lady 9 years ago and it was a little bit rude.
  2. Flashbacks
    I found out that flashbacks come in different forms. For people who have combat PTSD, flashbacks can be very visual and audible. With complex PTSD flashbacks usually take a more emotional form, although the visual and audible ones are definitely there. Something negative happens and I start to feel like that small child, defenseless, and scared.
  3. The feeling and belief that nothing good lasts for long.
    Because of the cycle of abuse, I have come to associate every period of happiness as temporary. There is no complacency. When things start to go well in my life there is always something in the back of my mind reminding me that it will end. Due to this thinking, I have ruined many a friendship, job, or happy event. It's a maddening self destructive cycle.
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  1. Yarn I Spun
    One of the very first spools of yarn I made.
  2. Geeky Lady Shoes
    Saw this at the Salt Lake Fan Experience.
  3. My Alpacas
    Patriot and Peak. They are sweeties.
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