In no particular order, taking into consideration the coffee and the atmosphere.
  1. Coffee + Food
    I generally drink hot almond milk lattés and theirs are good, but their spiced chai lattés are better. The seating is limited. Bonus - they do have delicious, freshly made food.
  2. Short Cake
    It's in the Farmer's Market by the Grove. Great lattés but what I really love are their delicious chocolate cookies. Apparently the secret ingredient is avocado. Ssshhhhh
  3. Coffee Commissary
    This is one of my favorite places to go because a) great lattés and b) it's super close to my apartment. They have a good amount of indoor and outdoor seating with WiFi and plenty of outlets. Some people are annoyed with the music they play; it tends to be pretty loud. I'm not bothered as I have my headphones on anyway.
  4. Coffee Coffee
    They have my absolute favorite drink, a delicious iced latté in which they use frozen cubes of cold brew instead of regular ice cubes. I can sip on this all day and never need anything else. They have zero indoor seating and only a small patio. It's very tiny and you'll probably drive by it a few times before you find it.
  5. Verve Coffee Roasters
    I just discovered Verve a few days ago, and although it's very much a scene, the lattés are delicious and it's a beautiful space. There is plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. You can easily park for free at the nearby West Hollywood library parking garage if you can't find street parking.
  6. Go Get Em Tiger in Larchmont...great waffles, too!
    Suggested by @kstraw
  7. Alfred in the Alley
    I'm a little biased because a friend and I painted their colorful dot mural, but it's great!
    Suggested by @Jazz
  8. Blue Bottle Venice
    Suggested by @dev