Yeah I know there are ways to watch Netflix from other countries but how much easier would it be if they just added it to America's?
  1. Veronica Mars
    I mean, it's Kristen Bell. How can you not?
  2. Fargo
  3. Smallville
  4. The Big Bang Theory
    Lol I've been binge-watching this via the old school method of renting the DVDs from the library but I want it online so I can watch it through again -
  5. The Last Ship
  6. Boy Meets World
    They have Girl Meets World , why not Boy Meets World. And this way we get more Shawn. And Eric. And Jack. And Feeny.
  7. Lizzie McGuire
    I have to admit - for this one, I'd be happy with just the movie. It's definitely a cheesy chick flick classic. And I love the "what dreams are made of" song 😅
  8. Full House
    Can you tell I'm having a nostalgic moment? Cuz I am. And I need all of these . Plus, how can you have Fuller House without Full House?
  9. Original CSI
    I love the NY series but I want to watch the original too
  10. SUITS
    if you've ever seen an episode, you KNOW. and more people really do need to know
  11. Covert Affairs
    Mainly cuz i lost track of it and it's another spy show and I'm into that sort of thing . Plus, Auggie is 😘.
  12. Nashville
  13. Younger
    Giphy downsized medium
    Lol love this show. Mainly cuz , hello? Books, City Life, Millennial life, Hilary Duff, and of course Nico Tortorella. 😍
  14. The Americans
  15. Desperate Housewives
    Lol guilty pleasure show my cousin got me into . But it's so. Damn. Good.
  16. Kyle XY
    Cuz I miss this show and they never put it on demand 😩
  17. Orphan Black
    I'm obsessed . And I gotten many others hooked - a fest of which I'm very proud
  18. Dick Wolf's Chicago Trilogy
    Chicago Fire. Chicago PD. Chicago Med. love them aaaaaaalllllll.
  19. Law and Order SVU
    I know they have a few seasons up but I want them all. Could literally sit through marathons of this