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And I'm back from my unintentional hiatus
  1. January
    We went to a taping of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and somehow ended up front row. Jimmy spoke to me three ish times and shook my hand twice. I cried a lot after the show but I didn't even mean to!!! It was a subconscious reaction
  2. February
    Bernie Sanders came and spoke at my school. Say what you want about Bernie but it was such a surreal experience to see a real politician campaign and to see so many college kids interested in politics.
  3. March
    My mom is super smart!!!! And actually my hero
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Who happen to be fictional
  1. Eric Forman
    I think he's so cute and he's very relatable and I think I just wanna kiss him IDK he seems like someone I'd know in real life that's why I think I like him
  2. Ginny Weasley
    I think I loved her as a child because she was with Harry and I was jealous but honestly she's the best. She's badass and hardcore and not messing around. Screw Harry I'm just here for Ginny
  3. Eleventh doctor
    Potentially controversial since I think most people love David Tennant's doctor which don't get me wrong I loved so much but the eleventh doctor did it for me. He was the one I really connected with. He was happy and youthful and relatively optimistic. A good time all around
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I voted in my first ever election today and voted for a woman for president. I am SO with her!!!!
  1. Here in MA we are voting on the legalization on marijuana and based off this picture it looks like my dad is pretty familiar with the drug
    Jk (as far as I know)
  2. I was so excited I made my mom take my picture in the grocery store after
    Also tried to teach her how to focus. Didn't work too well but wasn't her worst work eithers
  3. That's me!
  4. I could not be more ready for the next four years with HRC
    Also high fived my dad after casting my ballot
  1. Tomorrow I have to shoot my commercial for my tv class
    And when you shoot, you're the director. I like to write, not direct. And I'm really nervous to be completely in charge. What if my class thinks my commercial is dumb? What if things don't work out? What if no one thinks it's funny and they think I'm trying too hard? What if it's too long? What if I start to panic? There are too many what if's!!
  2. I have to go to a networking night
    Technically I signed up for it. But no one I know is going and I have to have a sit down dinner with alumni from my college and network with them. I don't know how to do that. I don't know what to talk to them about, especially if I don't have a friend going too to manage it together. I'm really really really anxious about this one. I'm considering not going and I've been thinking about it all week but I'm anxious about not going too because I'd be disappointed in myself
  3. I'll be surprised if I survive the next three days
    Oh boy
My least favorite holiday (but yesterday was secretly really fun)
  1. Some trekkies, Rey and Pam Beasley walk into a bar
  2. FMK: Spock, spock, and spock
  3. We took a hundred pictures and only got two kinda okay ones. I blame it on the lighting and the camera and the photographer and everything but us
  4. I guess you could say we like space themed sci-fi
  1. This pin of Mr.Spock that I bought for 3 dollars at Newbury Comics
    Something bout Spock man
  2. Khaleesi
    This is my fish. I named him khaleesi and yes I know khaleesi means queen and is for females but here's what happened. When I bought him it said "dragon scale beta" on his bowl and I was like omg dragons, game of thrones and I was like ok fish you are now the mother of dragons, who is daenerys aka khaleesi. I also bought him because he is black and not colorful like other betas. I love him so much and he's hard to take a picture of
  3. 3 different brands of deodorants
    Truth is I sweat a lot
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  1. I woke up a 7:30 and was sad about waking up. Tried to decide whether or not to make my bed, I did despite what this picture suggests
  2. Put on a weather confused outfit
    Why does it need to be 76 degrees in October. What do I WEAR
  3. Took a blurry picture on my stroll to class
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I just love cereal
  1. 1.
    Frosted Flakes
  2. 2.
    Fruity pebbles
  3. 3.
    Honey Nut Cheerios
    But only when I'm at school bc that makes me feel healthy
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Yeah! I left my old school, one of 30,000 students which had it's own zip code and am now attending a school with only 2,000 students. And I don't know the zip code. But here's what I've learned about the life of a transfer student
  1. Credits will be a pain in the butt
    I was technically a freshmen here for the first three weeks even though I was supposed to be a sophomore. After a lot of meeting with different professors and sending of transcripts things are finally almost figured out with my credits but still it's been a struggle
  2. You will get put in a shitty dorm
    "Oh...you live in Young Hall...that's rough"
  3. "Ew why'd you come here"
    Because it gave me financial aid and was small
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  1. This is my dog David
  2. And here's my puppy Martha
  3. Look at that pup! His name is brad
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