Hello my name is Kate and my roommate once said to me "I've never met someone who likes to do nothing as much as you" and here are some more fun things about me
  1. I used to work at office max and never stopped talking about it because of how much I loved it. I wore khaki pants to work and one time one of my guy friends saw me in my uniform and proclaimed "oh my god you look so much like a dude"
  2. A monkey tried to kidnap me once
  3. I only own one pair of leggings and one pair of jeans so you have a 50/50 shot of guessing what I'll be wearing for pants
  4. This is a legitimate pick up line a boy used on me once. Who wants to place bets on whether it worked or not
  5. I once threw up
  6. I meant to finish that one above with "from laughing so hard" but I thought it was funny that it only said 'I once threw up'
  7. I went to a dog party and wanted to die
  8. I call my younger sister "moe" even though her name is Emily and there is no reason for me to call her moe