Loves of my life

Who happen to be fictional
  1. Eric Forman
    I think he's so cute and he's very relatable and I think I just wanna kiss him IDK he seems like someone I'd know in real life that's why I think I like him
  2. Ginny Weasley
    I think I loved her as a child because she was with Harry and I was jealous but honestly she's the best. She's badass and hardcore and not messing around. Screw Harry I'm just here for Ginny
  3. Eleventh doctor
    Potentially controversial since I think most people love David Tennant's doctor which don't get me wrong I loved so much but the eleventh doctor did it for me. He was the one I really connected with. He was happy and youthful and relatively optimistic. A good time all around
  4. Jim Halpert
    Obviously. Is there anyone who doesn't have a crush on Jim Halpert? Dream guy. Married to Pam who is another love of my life. I'd like to marry them both please
  5. Peter Pan
    The OG crush. He was mischievous and didn't want to grow up. What more could you want as a six year old?
  6. Leslie Knope
    I'm half way between already being Leslie Knope and wanting to be more like her. She's passionate about everything and loves people with her whole entire heart and she's unapologetically herself always. I hope someday I care as much about making parks as she does
    From Downton Abbey. I did not like him at first and was very confused about him and Mary being cousins. And then I really wanted them to be together and then I thought he was going to die in the war and I was SO distressed and him and Mary were so difficult and then they weren't and I loved him so much I love you Matthew Crawley