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  1. Ringo in the trunk
  2. Jean-Ralphio
    I use this one way too often
  3. Tobias
Characters. Guests. My wife.
  1. Jason Heynongmantzoukas
    As played by Jeffery Characterwheaties.
  2. Any and all Andy Daly characters
    Don DiMello. Cactus Tony. Gil and Golly. Dalton Wilcox, the Poet Laureate of the West. Hot Dog. Clive Dundee. Andy Daly.
  3. Cake Boss
    Cake Boss.
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I'm here for the second time today.
  1. Children and babies crying or running around
    The DMV brings out the worst in all ages. I think that parents wouldn't bring their children to the DMV if they had the choice.
  2. Waiting
    Working at the DMV is rough. It's hard, convoluted work. I try to err on the side of empathy.
  3. Technology SNAFUs
    Computers are fickle bastards over which we have little control. Frustrating but acceptable.
  4. All this to say...
    While my mother working at the DMV has imbued me with a sense of empathy and sympathy for the employees if the DMV, I still believe that it the DMV is (or very closely resembles) the First Circle of Hell.
  1. Pro-revolution window art from an Irish pub
    From my honeymoon.
  2. "I am the margarine man."
    From the Styx song. Apparently Dennis DeYoung is saying "modren" which is apparently a weird pronunciation of "modern."
  3. My brother wearing my wedding veil.
    I just got married.
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  1. I'm just enjoying my free time!
  2. Heartburn
  3. Mild fatigue
    Mostly because I've been laying around doing nothing.
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Alcoholism runs in my family.
  1. Guinness
    I drank it with every damn meal in Ireland. I miss that.
  2. Yellowtail pink moscato
    It's alcoholic juice. I can drink it by the bottle. It's not good for my health. But my tastes are evolving. I can tolerate red wine now.
  3. Blue motorcycle
    All of the alcohol with none of the burn.
4 more...
  1. The Best of Elvis Costello: The First 10 Years (Elvis Costello)
    The first time I heard "Alison" changed my goddamn life.
  2. Brothers (The Black Keys)
    The first few drumbeats of "Everlasting Light." And when Auerbach's guitar kicks in. Perfection.
  3. Yellow Submarine Songtrack (the Beatles)
    The first album I ever owned. My mom wouldn't let me watch the movie.
8 more...
  1. Existence of sex drive.
    Yay antidepressants.
  2. Ceaseless consumption of Elvis Costello's first 3 albums.
    Especially "Armed Forces." *shudder*