As deemed by a busy medical student
  1. Outlets: lots of them
    This is a must. Nothing worse than getting to a place with one outlet already in use by some guy who is gonna sit with his laptop plugged in all day... I want to be that guy, I don't not want to have to put you out or fight you to stay functional
  3. Food: good and cheap
    Multiple choices for sustainability at all times a day. I'm likely gonna sit here all day, I can't spend a million dollars and still be hungry
  4. Caffeine
    Enough said
  5. Noise control
    Not louder than can be blocked out by a low volume headphone. Love me some white noise, but I don't need a headache at the end of the day
  6. Good climate control
    Almost impossible to study when one is too hot or cold
  7. Distance
    Wasting vital studying time driving to an obscure place just doesn't make sense