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If you have the money/time of course because it's a looottttt of work.
  1. So my mom has had random and recurrent joint pains for several years that haven't been able to be explained by a doctor. She found a book (The AutoImmune Fix by Dr. Tom O'Bryan) that explains that things like joint pains are caused by 'intestinal permeability'.
    If I remember correctly this means that when you eat foods that are unhealthy or that you are intolerant to, it wears down your gut and harmful particles can enter your bloodstream, creating an immune response.
  2. The most common of these triggers are dairy, gluten, and added sugar.
    So for three to six weeks, you cut all of these out all while trying to eat a diet mainly of whole foods while healing your gut 'microbiome' through anti-inflammatory foods and pre- and probiotics. Then after that, you spend a week incorporating each ingredient back into your diet to see which one, if any, you are intolerant to.
  3. I'm doing it along with my mom because of my anxiety and some digestive problems I've always had and my sister is doing it because of her stomach issues.
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I can feel it down to my bones
  1. My family and I moved to a different state halfway through my summer break so I wasn't able to get a job until the end of June. I managed to find one within three days of living here, but orientation wasn't supposed to start until this Monday.
    They never called me about orientation and I continue to call and they say they'll call me back. This has been going on since last Friday.
  2. Now I'm afraid that I no longer have a job, won't be able to find another one that will want to hire me for, at best, 4 weeks, and I won't have money to go back to school.
    I have enough money to pay for my storage and an uber ride from the airport to campus.
  3. How am I going to pay for my textbooks? Or my food? Or my medications?
    How am I going to pay for more trivial things like my makeup or haircut or a birthday present for my friend?
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  1. It's snowing and you're silent and Tessellate by Alt-J is playing. When I get out of your car you say wait and we kiss for too long. I don't say anything when I leave.
  2. It's 3 am and we're in a parking lot, slow-dancing. When we kiss you grab me tight and bend me over like in the movies. "And tbh I don't really remember much of what happened" you say to me two days later.
  3. I don't know who you are. I don't know what house I'm in. Your room is unbelievably messy. I'm standing outside where the party was minutes or hours ago, up to my ankles in overflowing pool water. I wake up the next day with your fraternity letters drawn on my chest. Another thing I don't remember saying yes to.
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  1. You won't eat white bread because of the carbs but you still go out and drink three times a week
  2. You make out with frat boys to try to fill the gaping hole in your heart and you don't even enjoy it
  3. You're slowing losing your Midwestern accent to a Miami one and it's causing you to have an identity crisis
I just need to vent I'm sorry
  1. Any guy who ever pays attention to me is usually just drunk and thinking 'hmm this girl is semi-cute and I can't get anyone better so I guess I'll make out with her'
  2. And I'm so desperate for attention that I let them
  3. No guy has ever showed any interest in me romantically
    Except one guy in high school who barely liked me and ended up dating my friend
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  1. Extreme anxiety at all times
    Makes it very hard to go to class, work, etc. Ranges from not being able to breathe and feeling like I'm gonna pass out to the most nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach that I've ever felt
  2. Restlessness
    Feels like I want to run a marathon
  3. Impossible to sleep
    See restlessness
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I need to make this list so I can vent and not talk about it so much in real life
  1. She never leaves the room.
    There are a billion places around campus to study, but every moment she's not going to class/sleeping she plants herself at her desk, closes the blinds and turns on every light. This makes no sense to me since we live in Miami and there is plenty of natural light.
  2. Turns the AC down to the 60s.
    The vent is right by my bed so I'm freezing constantly. Also it's a Miami winter I don't understand why she doesn't just go outside instead of sequestering herself in our dorm.
  3. Chews with mouth open/smacks lips/slurps cereals
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  1. You're 19 years old and still scared of the dark, stop pretending that you just 'forgot' to turn off the basement light
  2. The only reason you love Dev Patel so much is because he looks like your cute coworker
  3. Your soccer booty is gone, the reign of flat ass has begun
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  1. PRO: got a xanax prescription
  2. CON: spent my day on vacation having a panic attack in urgent care
  3. I love 2017 so far