Because I've been feeling kinda down today
  1. Staying hydrated
    I pee so much
  2. Getting enough sleep
    8 hours a night baby
  3. Finishing all my school work
  4. Interior design
    My mother has rubbed off on me
  5. Politics
    Like I actually understand it??
  6. Learning languages
    I was given a pretty shitty language education in high school and middle school but still made the best out of it
  7. Not throwing up while drunk
    I can always talk myself out of the nausea somehow
  8. In general not being a hot mess
    Unlike most college kids I'm able to have fun and go out but still keep my shit together
  9. Remembering which states celebrities are from
    Or basically any random fact about them
  10. Eating enough fruit
  11. Pulling myself out of major depressive episodes
  12. Putting myself into major depressive episodes
  13. Staying calm in serious situations
  14. Keeping personal stuff to myself
    Sometimes a good thing, sometimes bad
  15. Reciting entire episodes of The Office