1. The boy who I sort of had a crush on since 4th grade
    We had a misunderstanding about one of his friends assaulting on of mine and now we don't talk. He lives in a different state now and I will probably never see him again.
  2. The boy I hooked up with for several months and didn't care at all
    I think he wanted it to be more than that at one point but realized I was only into him when I'm drunk. I find it very weird and very unlike me to not have developed any feelings for him whatsoever. I see him around all the time and each time it's like I forgot he existed.
  3. The boy I kissed at a Cuban students party
    He just told me and my friends to kiss him while we were leaving so I guess I was just like fuck it?? I have no idea who he is or what he looks like
  4. The boy who lives on my floor that I drunkenly made out with
    I see him everywhere and we always make eye contact like we know we both know, but neither one of us is going to mention it
  5. The boy from my film class who I drunkenly made out with the same night
    Listen I'm in college this is acceptable behavior don't judge
  6. The white boy from Chicago who is obsessed with kanye and acts like he's black who I danced with
    I was very desperate for male attention that night and immediately regretted it after. He says hi to me though so we're kind of friends and it's not so awkward which is nice
  7. The frat boy who voted for Bernie who wanted to hook up with me
    I did not, which was a good move, since I later saw that he added me on facebook and has photos of him and his girlfriend from a week before. This was very disappointing as I was lowkey into him in a ~romantical~ way 😬