1. I'm sitting in the Miami airport right now waiting to fly home to Pittsburgh
  2. I was lucky enough to get a cheap flight (and by cheap I mean $600) last minute
  3. All the other flights were $1400
    I hate capitalism
  4. There was almost nothing left when I went to book it, so I have to fly first to New Orleans and stay in the airport overnight until my flight leaves at 5:45am
  5. BUT THEN that flight is only to Charlotte, NC so i have ANOTHER flight to Pittsburgh
  6. It's 6pm right now, and I don't get home until 11am tomorrow
    The direct flights are 2.5 hours...
  7. My apartment here in Miami is on the first floor and I'm really afraid of flooding and my stuff getting damaged
  8. But at least I don't have class for an indefinite amount of days and I don't have to stay in a shelter
  9. There are a lot of dogs in this airport right now though so it's not all terrible
  10. Update: I'm home and safe, but unfortunately I know too many people who don't have a second home in a different state they can evacuate to who now have to weather the storm. I'm so grateful I had the ability to leave, but so nervous for my friends who had to stay behind.
  11. Another update: if you don't live in Florida or in a place being hit by the storm, please for the love of God don't post memes about it on Facebook. I'm looking at the destruction of my home and most of my possessions (I live on the first floor about a mile from the coast). You don't have the right to make jokes about it.