I can feel it down to my bones
  1. My family and I moved to a different state halfway through my summer break so I wasn't able to get a job until the end of June. I managed to find one within three days of living here, but orientation wasn't supposed to start until this Monday.
    They never called me about orientation and I continue to call and they say they'll call me back. This has been going on since last Friday.
  2. Now I'm afraid that I no longer have a job, won't be able to find another one that will want to hire me for, at best, 4 weeks, and I won't have money to go back to school.
    I have enough money to pay for my storage and an uber ride from the airport to campus.
  3. How am I going to pay for my textbooks? Or my food? Or my medications?
    How am I going to pay for more trivial things like my makeup or haircut or a birthday present for my friend?
  4. I won't get paid for my on-campus job until September 1st and that will only be half a paycheck. I won't get a full paycheck until September 15th, a full month after I move in.
    And even a full paycheck is barely anything.
  5. And speaking of moving in, the storage company I use does not have any available delivery times for the day I fly back.
    Not even for the day after. Am I supposed to sleep in my apartment with no belongings for two days?
  6. I am just so stressed out and drinking green tea and trying to calm myself down.
    We're doing a no dairy/gluten/added sugar diet which means there is no food in the house and I am hungry and I just want some comfort food.
  7. Plus my mom was crying on the phone to my grandma this morning and has not left her room since then. I have no idea what's going on, but my mom never cries so I'm worried.