I will probably be adding to this.
  1. Today a friend from high school retweeted a person I'm mutuals with on li.st. Weird!
    I don't think they follow/know each other soooo...quite a coincidence.
  2. Some of my tumblr friends from South Carolina went to the same high school as a girl I almost roomed with in college.
    Weird because I live in Michigan and I go to college in Miami. The girl didn't end up coming here but stayed in SC.
  3. A boy at a frat party who hit on me once went to the same high school as all of those people above.
    He is a Trump supporter and I was not into it.
  4. A guy who was sexually harassing one of my internet friends who lives in Atlanta turned out to go to my high school.
    I hated him already before that. He also had the same name as my boyfriend and his girlfriend had the same name as me. I realllyyyy wanted to tell her that he was cheating.