I've always had really really vivid dreams that have sometimes made it hard to separate dream from reality and can kinda ruin my whole day if they were super weird. This week they've been even worse that usual.
  1. I'm taking a historical walking tour with Obama and Biden when a shooter appears. He's standing on top of a giant pileup of snow and is throwing his weapons down on us? Later he shoots me in the stomach several times and I fake dead and a woman drags my body around to show everyone I'm dead
  2. There is some food stuck in my mouth and I'm spitting to try and get it out
    Not an exciting dream at all but I woke up and realized I had spit all over my blanket
  3. Sleep paralysis where a blond-haired woman is standing above me. I can't see her face, but as she turns around I jolt awake
  4. Most of the world has been wiped out by some kind of plague, the rest of us are walking around in hospital gowns and crying. Later I try to go to a Bernie Sanders rally but they don't let me in until I scream "everyone I know is dead have some mercy"