I hate having a uterus.
  1. What I did:
  2. Give a presentation in Spanish while trying to pretend I wasn't hunched over awkwardly because it felt like someone was wringing out my intestines.
  3. Went to work for four hours because I can't call out because I need money for over break.
  4. Wrote 2 pages of a research paper.
  5. Went to Publix.
  6. Teared up when I saw a dog.
  7. Teared up when Ultralight Beam came on up on my Spotify playlist.
  8. Lashed out at one of my friends/coworkers
    Tbf he was being an asshole, but I probably shouldn't have lashed out back against him
  9. What I wanted to do:
  10. Lay in my bed, cry, eat sushi, maybe watch Westworld
  11. 🖕Fuck menstrual cycles man🖕