I just need to vent I'm sorry
  1. Any guy who ever pays attention to me is usually just drunk and thinking 'hmm this girl is semi-cute and I can't get anyone better so I guess I'll make out with her'
  2. And I'm so desperate for attention that I let them
  3. No guy has ever showed any interest in me romantically
    Except one guy in high school who barely liked me and ended up dating my friend
  4. No guy ever does anything even semi-nice for me
    I've never had a guy buy me flowers, buy me coffee, want to get to know me personally, even ask me how my day was
  5. After I hook up with all these guys I just feel disgusted and used
    I know they don't deserve me but I can't find anyone better
  6. I don't get why this is so hard and I'm so unloveable
    I'm beginning to think I'm never going to find a guy who really genuinely cares about me
  7. Sorry for the rant but I have nobody else to talk to