1. The gang accidentally seeing Neville spending Christmas with his parents at St. Mungo's
    Harry is trying to protect his secret, but then everyone finds out that Neville's parents were heroes. Augusta is mad because she thinks Neville is ashamed, he says he's not. The kicker is when his mother comes over and hands him a gum wrapper, and Augusta tells Neville to just throw it in the trash with all of the others, but Neville tucks it into his pocket.
  2. Fred's death
    Even though it's traumatic, it's incredibly powerful. Fred dies immediately after reconciling with Percy, who makes a joke, "the ghost of a laugh" still on his face. Then Ron gets so angry, yelling that he wants to kill all of the death eaters, that he has to be restrained by Hermione and Harry so that he doesn't do anything rash and run into the fray.
  3. Harry and Ginny's first kiss
    Unlike the dumb moment in the room of requirement, the book moment is actually magical. Harry missed a quidditch match because Snape gave him detention, so Ginny has to carry the team all by herself, and Harry is so PROUD of her that they kiss for what could have been "minutes, or hours, or even several sunlit days"
  4. Luna's Room
    When Harry, Hermione and Ron go to ask Xenophilous Lovegood about the Deathly Hallows, they see that Luna has painted a mural in her room of herself with them, as well as Ginny and Neville. It is then that they realize how much Luna cares for them, and how much they care for her.
  5. The actual explanation of the marauders
    It was never really explained in the movies how the marauders were actually James et. Al. I love that story line and it's the whole reason why the third book is my favorite.
  6. Harry talking to Remus and Sirius about his parents
    After he sees Snape's worst memory, Harry risks serious punishment for him and the order in order to Floo Sirius at Grimauld place because he's so distraught that his father was a bully. Remus is with Sirius (read into that if you so choose) and they explain to him that James was mean, but he came to regret that behavior and turned his life around. Harry asks "why did she marry him, she hated him?" And Sirius just replies, "nah, she didn't."
  7. Voldemort's POV of the night he died
    When Harry visits Godric's Hollow in the 7th book, there is a flashback from Voldemort's point of view. It shows him witnessing trick-or-treaters, and deciding to let them be. Then he goes into the Potter's house and James sacrifices himself, standing wandless in front of Voldemort so Lily can take Harry and run. It's incredibly powerful.