I'm going to add my thoughts every week and publish at the end (edit: I accidentally punished it early)
  1. 6/26 week one
    This 8Pack alliance is too big. It's going to blow up in every one's face. But I love this twist. Jozea is annoying AF. Paul is ANNOYING AF. Also, is it too much to ask for a "girl power" alliance that is actually made up of contenders. Why is there never actually a strong all girl alliance?
  2. 7/3 week 2
    The vets are all playing good games. It's impressive that none of them have been nominated. Paul is still the worst, and bronte is increasingly delusional. Still waiting on a good all girls alliance. Or just a good alliance.
  3. 7/10 week 3
    Honestly at this point I'm not even paying attention to how much I hate Paul and Bronte because FRANK YOU TURD YOU BREAK MY HEART WHY ARE YOU THE WORST I LOVED YOU!!!???? And God bless Da'vonne for standing up for herself! I love her and I just want to give her a hug!
  4. 7/17 week 4
    This whole house is a mess. Tiffany is a mess. Frank and Bridgette's little one way showmance is a mess. Da'vonne's eye rolls give me life.
  5. 7/24 week 5
    It's a good thing tiff is gone, and I honestly don't care that victor is back. I'm glad someone from the other side of the house is hoh. Hopefully James makes some moves
  6. 7/31 week 6
    So glad Frank is gone. Bridgette's little meek routine is really getting on my nerves. I'm glad big moves are happening. I hate to say this but I think Paul and Paulie could actually go really far in this game.
  7. 8/7 week 7
    So sad Day is gone and I really hate Michelle. Why is Bridgette still here?! I want the girls to stop being so catty and take back the house. I also can't decide if I feel bad for Z or annoyed that she's so wrapped up in a showmance
  8. 8/14 week 8
    Michelle gets increasingly annoying. Even though some big moves were almost made, and I always like when the house gets flipped on its head, MEECH IS A BEECH. And Paulie is super duper mega GROSS. Oh my god he's such a misogynistic poop and I just find it so hard to like most of these people. I think Paul is the most rational person there, and I don't even like him. And obviously I side with Natalie.
  9. 8/21 week 9
    God Paulie was a MESS! Like I don't even feel bad for him. What was that weird Michelle kiss at the eviction!? I honestly think it's comical how one-sided the Corey and Paulie bromance seems. Does Corey even have emotions? I just want this house flipped on its head, and I want the girls to take it back! I'm happy to see that Natalie is this upcoming week's HOH! Also, um... Do I like Paul?
  10. 8/28 week 10
    Victor being evicted and coming back is so anti-climactic. Also, my those clips of Paulie in the jury house are HISTORIC. He dug such a hole and those girls were NOT HAVING IT. Amazing! Honestly at this point the game is such a mess and everyone is so mean I don't even know.
  11. 9/4 week 11
    So glad Michelle is gone! I think Cory did the smartest thing he's ever done with that 1 billion answer. I think I'm super curious to see how things shake out as it gets closer to the end. I think Paul could take it all if he's smart and keeps his cool. I think people forget how far Nicole got in her first season because they act like she's a terrible player. These showmances need to be broken up.
  12. 9/11 week 12
    I really want Paul and Victor to go to the end, so I'm glad Natalie and James took the hit this week. Natalie turned real bratty real quick. I feel bad for James, but In the end not every one can get to the end. I honestly don't care about Nicole and Cory though either, so I'm upset that they have the power this week. I just can't wait to see how it all shakes out
  13. 9/21 the finale
    I never disliked Nicole as much as everyone else did. I respect her game. Michelle on the jury is still so annoying. I miss Dr. Will. Paul is kind of like Dr. Will. I don't really have any strong feelings about the end. I just don't like any of them.