Loathing, loathing you my whole life long
  1. I have had ardent hatred for Bill O'Reilly since I was about 10 years old
    He was doing an interview on the Today Show, promoting one of his books, and he suggested something along the lines of "today's kids could tell you all about Beyonce but don't know who Abraham Lincoln is"
  2. I was deeply, deeply offended as a little kid who loved history.
    I had friends who loved history too. I looked around me and I saw kids who WANTED to learn about Abraham Lincoln, yet this old man still insisted on looking down on us from WAY, WAY too high atop his horse.
  3. Not only that, but I know a lot about pop culture AND history, and the implication that the two couldn't coexist enraged me.
    Just because I know Nick Jonas's entire life story doesn't mean that I don't also know JFK's entire life story.
  5. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.
  6. As a little kid who wanted to be a journalist, I looked at what O'Reilly was doing and I whole heartedly disagreed.
    I refuse to call what he does journalism.
  7. Bill O'Reilly does not tell other people's stories. That's the job of a journalist. To tell other people's stories.
    He tells his story, his point of view, and refuses to see any others.
  8. The "no spin zone" is complete BS
    There is so much spinning
  9. His interviews are the best examples of this
    He asks leading questions, then refuses to hear any answer that he doesn't like.
  10. He talks down to everyone because he has this immense, invalid sense of superiority
    The way he leans back in his chair and his snide face are not the right way to interview someone.
  11. These people are GUESTS on his show. The least he could do, the smallest bit of courtesy and human decency he could extend would be to just hear what they have to say.
    It shouldn't matter whether he agrees or not.
  12. But there's more!!
  13. He wrote books about history. Whatever. Good for him.
    Many, many other people have also done this.
  14. Believe it or not, Bill O'Reilly was not the first man to write about the Kennedy assassination.
    Trust me, I know (that's my bookshelf)
  15. But for some reason he acts like he's doing the world a great service because he has bestowed his knowledge onto us
    I'm not saying people should stop writing books about history just because books on the topic already exist (trust me I want many, many more), I'm just saying that nothing about his books are particularly groundbreaking or even good. (Or accurate https://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2015/10/16/what-bill-oreillys-new-book-on-ronald-reagan-gets-wrong-about-ronald-reagan/)
  16. If anything, I think this video explains it all, or at least a great deal of it. Try to get through it without hating him.
  17. And I haven't even gotten to the part about him being a total bigot and misogynist and pretty much all of the other bad things to be.
    But that's an entire list in itself.
  18. To conclude, Bill O'Reilly is my least favorite person on this earth.