Hamilton's not the only one
  1. Bobby Kennedy
    To quote my mother, "he was just so ethical". He was the middle brother, he was a family man, and he was secretly a political mastermind. He deserves some power ballads and some showstoppers.
  2. Eleanor and Alice Roosevelt
    Their feud is one for the ages. A First Lady and a former first daughter who VERY publicly despised each other. It would be like mean girls or wicked with a fun political twist.
  3. Ludwig Von Beethoven
    He was totally insane, and he was deaf, and the idea of a musical about a composer makes my heart happy.
  4. Edgar Allen Poe
    Again, he was totally insane and a musical about his tortured life could be brilliant. Imagine a chorus of "nevermore"s and a beautiful love song for Annabelle Lee.
  5. General George Custer
    Obviously this one would be a comedy a la Bill Hader in Night at the Museum. Custer's last stand would be triumphant and sweeping, reminiscent of Do You Hear the People Sing. It would be great!
  6. Victoria Claflin Woodhull -- AKA Mrs. Satan
    She was the first women to run for president, she was divorced, and the greater part of an entire country thought she was actually The Devil's wife. It could potentially be messy, but it could also be brilliant! (especially if Meryl plays the lead)