So why not me (some of these might be made up)
  1. White House Curator
    My biggest absolute top of the list dream job
  2. Write for Mental Floss
    My life is mental floss
  3. Editor of Time Magazine
    I love you, Time
  4. Write for American Girl
    But like the good historical stuff
  5. Run Life Magazine's Instagram account
    I just want to explore the archives
  6. Project Runway Challenge Creator
    I've got some ideas
  7. Late night talkshow guest inquirer
    You know like the person who asks the cool celebrities about their lives so the host knows what to talk about
  8. Celebrity journalist but specifically for theater
    They don't get enough attention
  9. Brad Meltzers job
    He literally just tells people about mysteries and then never solves them
  10. Personal assistant to Amy Poehler
  11. Personal assistant to Daniel Radcliffe
  12. History of Magic professor
    At Hogwarts
  13. Conspiracy Theory analyst
    Is this Brad Meltzer's job?