They will stay with me forever
  1. Vulcanizing rubber happened by accident
    While just a fun fact about Goodyear, it became a mantra that was repeated many times. It reminded me that good things come when you least expect it.
  2. Bulla means hello in Fijian, but is also a type of festering wart
    This we took literally, but I'm sure there is a metaphor in there somewhere.
  3. Investing in the stock market is a meaningless game
    The people who didn't work hard were often the people who won. While not the most positive lesson, it remains relevant.
  4. The craziest people are the most brilliant
    Charlie Sheen is one hell of a poet
  5. Love is on its way
    This lesson came directly from her real life experience. She dated a boy for 10 WHOLE YEARS and then broke up with him, went to Italy, and found her soulmate
  6. 13 year olds aren't supposed to know the meaning of life
    Wendy Mass is a terrible author. I learned this after reading a book in which a boy my age finds the meaning of life and determining that that was BS. I can't help but feel that was the lesson all along.
  7. When we lock things away, we are really imprisoning ourselves.
    This hippie nonsense about lockers in school has stayed with me as a reminder that it's ok to have feelings.
  8. We're girls.
    It's a fact. We should not have to deny it to seem strong. We should be able to be both.
  9. Scissors are not an effective tool for opening trap doors
    You'll probably just break the scissors
  10. The words "barrage" and "flotsam and jetsam" look really good written on the wall in bright green sharpie
    You may paint over the words but you can't paint over the memory
  11. Crying is a very normal thing
    Sometimes people cry in their job interview and still get the job. It happens.
  12. Tea is delightful
    Especially when it's fruity and served when you're supposed to be in a class.
  13. Everyone's dreams are valid
    Even if someone's screamo band is really bad, they have the right to love what they're doing.
  14. All knowledge is important knowledge
    Even knowledge of Harry Potter and Presidents. Especially knowledge of Harry Potter and Presidents.
  15. Being a part of something special makes you special
    In room 9 everyone was special. Everyone was valid. Everyone was important.
  16. Every day in that classroom taught me something. It was my home.