Inspired by @blink18maddiene
  1. I have been planning my run for president since I was about 10 years old
    Vote Peter 2048!
  2. I even have a video of me as a child professing my love for America
  3. I would always choose Eleanor Roosevelt over Cleopatra
  4. I can get a little passionate when arguing for what I believe....
  5. I'm always civil
  6. I talk a lot about the things I love
    "Here's a fun fact"
  7. I own a book about the history of my town, which I've read many times
    Which is like a half step away from writing a book about the history of my town
  8. I have a personal connection to William Henry Harrison
    Not only was he from Indiana, he was born on the same day as me
  9. I wish Madeleine Albright was my best friend
    So much so that I have a best friend named Madeleine
  10. I often make this face
  11. And this one
  12. My favorite place on earth is Pawnee adjacent
    Pawnee is the name of a street like 6 streets over from my cabin
  13. I keep pictures of inspiring women in my locker to get me through the school day
  14. I love binders. They're my favorite organizational tool
  15. I was super sick the day I rocked the AP Euro exam
  16. I literally had tears in my eyes when I met someone who worked in the White House
  17. I too fantasize about being part of a power couple
    Me and my darling First Gentleman Nick Jonas are going to take over the world.
  18. I love breakfast food
  19. I don't understand youth culture
  20. I make every decision based on the fact that I could run for president one day
  21. I believe in the power of by dreams
    To paraphrase my girl Eleanor
  22. In all realness she is character I relate to most in all of fiction and I can only be inspired and hope that one day I can be just like her.