1. The Reynolds Pamphlet
    It's by far my least favorite. I think it just takes everything a little too far
  2. Say no to this
    Makes me uncomfy
  3. Farmer refuted
    The opposite of a jam
  4. Schuyler Defeated
    Nothing against it, I just like the others more
  5. Take a break
    Too show-tuney, but also not show-tuney enough
  6. We Know
    I honestly can't even remember how this one goes
  7. Meet me inside
  8. Ten Duel Commandments
    I like the way it's woven into other songs more than the song itself
  9. Nonstop
    A little hectic
  10. Best Of Wives and Women
  11. Stay Alive (reprise)
  12. Cabinet battle #1
  13. Right Hand Man
    It's a nice song
  14. One Last Time
    It's a very nice song
  15. History Has its eyes on you
    I wish someone would say this to me
  16. Blow us all away
    Again, I wish someone would say this to me
  17. Hurricane
    We are starting to get into the jams
  18. Cabinet Battle #2
    Ohh snap
  19. The battle of Yorktown
    School house rock: the next generation
  20. Guns and Ships
  21. That would be enough
    So cute
  22. Story of Tonight (reprise)
    What a bromance
  23. The room where it happens
  24. Stay Alive
  25. Winters Ball
    Fun facts about Martha Washington....I'm all for it
  26. Story Of Tonight
    Essentially "Red and Black", but for America instead of France.....so better
  27. Your Obedient Servant
  28. The Adams Administration
  29. Washington on Your Side
  30. Aaron Burr, Sir
    What an introduction
  31. What'd I Miss
    I just love this song
  32. My Shot
    It's just the encouragement I need to get through the day
  33. I know him
    That laugh
  34. What Comes Next
  35. The World Was Wide Enough
    So good!!
  36. Alexander Hamilton
    Love at first song
  37. Election of 1800
    If you had to choose, if you had to choose
  38. It's Quiet Uptown
    Never fails to make me real emotional
  39. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story
    Fantastic Song, Fantastic Conclusion
  40. Dear Theodosia
    Oh my god, I'm a sucker for a good father monologue
  41. Wait For It
    I ROCK OUT to this song
  42. Schuyler Sisters
  43. You'll Be Back
    The first Hamilton song I ever listened to because it was sung by my dearest, and the world was never that same
  44. Satisfied
    So good, so brilliant! I know every word! I will never not listen to this song!
  45. Helpless
    I do, I do, I do, I dooo love this song so so so so much
  46. Burn
    One of the most beautiful and poetic songs I have ever heard. It's an emotional roller coaster. I was instantly in love!!!