1. Manhattan Bagel
  2. Orange juice in a little carton
    We had it with our Bagels
  3. Jimmy's Chocolate Chip pancakes
    Jimmy's has since been torn down. Here is a picture of a museum exhibit dedicated to it
  4. The Wehrle Restaurant's chocolate chip pancakes
    Also their souvlaki, which is what my dad always ordered, so I always associate the two
  5. YoGos
    It tasted like candy, but it was secretly yogurt
  6. Twistables
    I miss these things
  7. Peanut Butter sandwiches
    I had one in my lunch every day. It was always 2 slices of bread each folded over, not stacked on top of each other, because I was weird.
  8. Kudos bars
    The M&M ones were the best
  9. Danimals Drinkable yogurt
  10. Pizza Rolls