1. The first couple notes of a song that can instantly transport you to another place.
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    The examples that come to mind are those of "Vienna" by Billy Joel, "Fly with Me" by the Jonas Brothers, "Somewhere Only We Know" and "Cough Syrup" by Young the Giant.
  2. Watching an episode of a TV show that you've seen so many times you've essentially memorized
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    "You moved me Kurt"
  3. Seeing someone who's normally very serious laugh at your jokes
    It makes me feel kinda like Elizabeth Montgomery in this picture
  4. When you just look at your best friend and they instantly know what you're thinking
    Depending on the friends, it's almost always either Billy Joel, Glee, or Jeremy Jordan
  5. Bromances
    From Jack and Lem, to Cory and Shawn, to Blaine and Sam, I can't get enough.
  6. Seeing a dear friend shine doing something they love
    It makes comedy sports and the Williamsville South auditorium some uniquely magical places.
  7. Writing a line that's just really good, and knowing that came from your own brain
    The funniest thing I've ever written goes like this: "Well, apparently I'm a dung beetle because all of my friends are pieces of poop."
  8. Old newspapers and magazines with news stories that are kind of insignificant in the grand scheme of history but were important enough to include in the news for that day
    From a 1963 issue of the New York Times. This is in reference to civil rights protests in Alabama