1. John Fitzgerald Kennedy
    He had a really cute bromance with Lem Billings
  2. James Madison
    His wife was really freakin cool
  3. William Henry Harrison
    He was born on February 9
  4. William McKinley
    He was killed in the temple of music by the tower of light in the Pan American exposition in Buffalo....in Buffalo
  5. FDR
    He and his wife (a literal God) both had their own mistresses.
  6. Teddy Roosevelt
    His daughter Alice was sassy A. F.
  7. Jimmy Carter
    He believes in Aliens
  8. George Washington
    He was a family man
  9. Abraham Lincoln
    He once went to a duel to defend his honor against someone who accused Lincoln of anonymously writing mean things about him, when it was probably actually Mary Todd.
  10. Ulysses S. Grant
    He didn't have a middle name. The S stands for nothing. (Side fun fact: this is also true of Harry S. Truman)