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Happy Times I've really have so far in my life.
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    Didn't happen by mistake
    How God runs my life I think that I know what I m doing but it Joke, God runs my life. Through Jesus Christ anything can be done. But, and for me there will always be a but . I will be 61 year old, yes I said it a trip to be thinking about life. When all I want to do is writ a bucket list. Lol What would be on that bucket list, I know it would start out a full of SHIT. What I want right now is not what I will receive. Visit Italy come back hm. Get car fixed so you and Baylee can go out.
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    This is what I do as a hobby
    Handcrafted Masquerade chystal beaded mask.
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    Jazz Under the Stars
    Yes I help make that possible in the city of Buena Park ca. I hear you community. Thanks to the people that made this happen.
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    Depression In the way of life
    The solutions for people who here voices in there head is don't say a word.
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    It is what it is.