Really Trusting In Jesus and his Father God!

I was born with Juvenile Rhumatoid Arteritis ,I'm 61yrs living with the diesese. let me tell you about it.
  1. Doctors St Jude Dr Concoff Ins. Medical Medicare Fullerton ca.
    Pain management Dr. Arthur Zepeda St. Jude These two Doctors are very caring. Just recently I ha add a second neo-stimulater inside my body. The first was implanted for the lower part of my body this is to control the pain of a server sactic of the right side of my body. Now, no server pain. As a matter of fact I control the pain. Just with a push of a button, April 30,2016 I had the second one put in, technology link the neo- stimulates together and the pain is ajusted to my body movement
  2. My faith has keep me alive.