Most of my Hollywood Heroes wear transition lenses. I grew up with a laserdisc player and about 10,000 books on Alfred Hitchcock. These are their stories...
  1. (Carole) Penny Marshall
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    I still think that one day I will grow up and be dressed in a baseball cap and transition lenses. And honestly, it's not that far off. Look, the fact that Awakenings was green lit for a female director makes me believe in filmmaking all over again. And also. Her dye job is spectacular. And also. Her brother. I'd like to think that @samboyd and I are the Irish Cousins version of Penny and Garry. And he spells his name with two "rs" what a boss.
  2. Robert "Bob" Evans (another great wearer of transition lenses)
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    I often think that the great tragedy of Bob (Robert) E's life was not that Ali left him for Steve McQueen, but rather, his name and empire was completely washed over by a chain of farm fresh food restaurants. And so, it has indeed been hard for the kid to stay in the picture. But stay he has. And of course, he is my producing hero. My pie in the sky. Sometimes I think he just grew old so that Michael Douglas could wear an ascot and play him in a movie. And that's alright with me.
  3. Sue "there's always a window" Mengers
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    Immortalized in last year's ILL EAT YOU LAST, Sue's legacy lives on through Bette midler's stunningly line-dropped performance. Sue's greatness did not come to me until after her death, mainly thanks to Graydon C.'s undying pursuit of her memorialization. And we thanks him. Here's a woman who knew how to pick up and hang up a phone. While I have no dreams of talent agent superstardom, I revere the divine ms. Mengers for staying married to the man who directed ALL NIGHT LONG.
  4. Woody & Nora
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    In my mind, when I envision the constellation that is Hollywood, Woody is the funk master flex and Nora is the grand wizard Theodore. Mixed metaphors, I know. In my mind, one wouldn't exist without the other, but that's because of the way I watched movies. You've got mail is the only movie I RENT on iTunes. I had childhood insomnia and my father used to play me MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY to put me to bed. Needless to say, it did nothing for my insomnia and everything for my career.
  5. Lynda Rosen Obst (recent scene stealer in THE JINX)
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    Here is a woman who believed that both THE FISHER KING and ONE FINE DAY deserved to be movies. Her imdb credits read like my Saturday night's in. SLEEPLESS was DOA without her. That's all.