I just searched "University of Southern California" to see if they have a list account. Turns out they do not, but they do appear on a list called "AMERICA'S 10 MOST EXPENSIVE COLLEGES".
  1. Home is wonderful!
    Dormsick: the condition where the subject misses college life.
  2. I love being with my family.
    but I also miss keeping Mega-Stuf Oreos right next to my bed.
  3. Thanks for making me food, dad.
    But, as I have said many times, I'm trying to learn how to cook for myself.
  4. We have so many leftover sugary treats from Christmas.
    But it feels like my mom is guarding them from me! Can't imagine why.
  5. I love seeing my friends.
    I do NOT love my mom's interrogation every time I leave the house.
  6. I get a private bathroom.
    But sometimes I miss catching up with my girls by yelling across the shower stalls.
  7. Everything is very quiet.
    What do you mean I can't be out "at this hour"? It's 10:00, the night hasn't even started!
  8. It's great to coincidentally run into people I used to be close with!
    (So many things I tried to forget.)
  9. In suburban Massachusetts, stability is everything.
    Why is every day the same?
  10. "Why don't you make plans with _____?"
    Maybe it would be easier if I could just go down the elevator and knock on their door.
  11. I know everyone here!
    But I liked meeting new people every weekend!
  12. It's very safe.
    Where are my rowdy social gatherings at?
  13. I'm so glad you asked about my ex-boyfriend!
    Hadn't thought about him in a while, but I guess he's a popular conversation starter now.
  14. It's so quiet.
    I think I even miss my floormates singing in the shower.
  15. I get to re-live my sheltered life.
    Even though I don't hear the constant sirens anymore, it doesn't mean everyone is safe. I have to remind myself that I'm in a bubble.
  16. What is my actual name?
    Since I don't use my nickname in college, I don't know what to introduce myself as when I'm at home. I will always force old friends call me Katie though. Even if I have an identity crisis or my circumstances change drastically, they will still know me for who I am.
  17. Winter break is a BREAK.
    Truth: It's the perfect time to take care of myself, recharge for next semester, reconnect with my closest friends, and resolve any old conflicts, internal or external.