Today I participated in a fantastic dance intensive but was a little bit nervous about returning to 4 hours of training after taking over a month off.
  1. Before: Ready to get inspired.
  2. I'm either going to come out of this hating dance or wanting to get my BFA.
  3. Does my body know it's about to be torn apart?
  4. That girl looks familiar.
  5. Do I say hi???
  6. Alright, looks like everyone else except us two is already BFFs
  7. Nope I have NOT met her before
  8. I am way too sore from working out yesterday.
    My preparations have backfired.
  9. During: ok time for ballet
  10. I think that girl and I have telepathy. I'll stand next to her at the barre.
    We both have curly hair. It's a sure bet.
  11. I have not done ballet in ages.
    Tbh even if I had done ballet yesterday instead of four months ago I would still say "it's been ages"
  12. First couple combinations going okay.
  13. Oh no...adagio.
  14. This is NOT what humans were created to do.
    At least, humans with normal joints.
  15. Yikes, I forgot how to turn!
  16. I swear I'm a better dancer than this!
  17. Floor is sticky af
  18. Messed up the grande allegro, what else is new.
  19. ok time for contemporary
  20. The dreaded warm-up. This instructor is infamously intense during her conditioning.
  21. Not so bad so far.
  22. How long do I have to hold this plank for?
  23. Wow, this seems like a lot of push-ups.
  25. No, my body did not know it was about to get torn apart.
  26. Survived the warm-up! About to learn this choreography.
  27. Oh ok...the music is in syncopated sixes.
  28. I WILL learn this.
  29. Is that mixed meter I hear?
  30. I can't keep my right and left sides organized.
  31. I WILL get this right.
  32. Nope, not mixed meter, just my mixed-up mind.
  33. Ok I think I have this
  34. Time for small groups!
  36. Next time.
  37. Did it! Class is over!
    All that for one successful run.
  38. Loving dance, but the life isn't for me. Happy to say that I won't need to change my major to keep dancing through life.