Not for "real" adults
  1. Make it a pot luck
    An't nobody got time to cook all that
  2. Your bar/bat mitzvah kippot
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    You will be asked what your theme was
  3. PDF haggadahs
    Print at the office
  4. Dayenu cued up on YouTube
  5. More wine then you thought you needed
    No, more then that
  6. FaceTime to Mom
    Proving you're a good Jew after all
  7. Ultimate throwback playlist
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    So what if the table breaks out singing Back Streets Back
  8. A first attempt at a family secret recipe
    Try at own risk
  9. Drunken afikomen hunt
  10. Those weird candy lemon slices
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  11. Rugrats Passover
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    Don't shut the.....door