Idea for list and some entries from @yctheflea
  1. Time spent sleeping
  2. Number of sour patch kids eaten
  3. Number of times I started a sentence and lost my train of thought
  4. Number of strangers pictures I'm in the background of
  5. Number of lies I've told ranked by effectiveness/necessity of lie
  6. Amount of time spent while making eye contact with someone
  7. Number of times I've made people laugh
  8. Number of times people have made me laugh
  9. Number of breaths taken
  10. Amount of time playing sports
  11. Ratio of happiness/enrichment vs sadness/detriment I've added to my friends lives
  12. Number of strangers I've seen multiple times
  13. Amount of stairs walked up/down
  14. Total length of hair growth over my lifetime
  15. Amount of time wasted because of this campus' stupid sidewalks
  16. Time spent waiting on others
  17. Number of people that had crushes on me that never said
  18. Number of friends I've stopped keeping touch with
  19. Number of miles traveled in my life broken down by mode of transportation
  20. Number of high fives and handsakes I've given
  21. Pounds of Taco Bell eaten
  22. Time spent watching movies
  23. Time spent watching TV shows