Things I like about airports

There needs to be a word for the random excitement you get just from just being in airports Also a word for the feeling you get when you pine to just be in and airport no matter where you're going.
  1. Leaving an airport with cloud cover and flying above the clouds in the sunlight
    It feels like a whole new day
  2. When the TSA workers enjoy their job
    Or at least have fun and are friendly
  3. Moving sidewalks
  4. Putting on my headphones and completely ignoring the safety speech because I've heard it so many times I could give it
  5. Pleasant flight attendants
  6. Finally seeing your bag on the carosel at baggage claim
  7. When inevitably some nut job does something weird and you and a stranger make eye contact in amazement at their stupidity/ridiculousness
  8. Seeing winding rivers from above
  9. Free apple juice
    I've never not gotten apple juice on a plane. I don't care how old I get it's delicious
  10. Airplane naps
    I sleep through almost every takeoff no matter the time of day
  11. Seeing groups waiting for their friends and family in baggage claim
  12. Turbulence
    It's like a rollercoaster
  13. Seeing crazy high speeds like 257mph on the snapchat filter as you land
    I do this on more flights than I'd care to admit
  14. When you become familiar with airports that aren't your hometown airports and knowing where to go when you get there
    ATL and Houston
  15. People who pretend the 2 inch recline feature is going to drastically improve their nap
  16. Winking at strangers
    No one knows how it handle it. It's histarical
  17. Seeing the shadow of the plane on the ground below
  18. The dude who waves the orange sticks to direct the plane
    I see you dude. You matter
  19. Window seats
  20. Seeing cities lit up at night
    @ Charlotte and NYC
  21. That airlines let military members board early
  22. Watching the takeoffs
  23. Watching the landings
  24. Half empty cabins
  25. Sunsets from the sky
  26. Seeing the lineup of incoming flights lit up in the sky