Inspiration at @jessbrennbusker
  1. Moe's sucks
    Screaming "welcome to Moe's" at me lacklusterly doesn't make up for how bad it is
  2. Room temperature Krispy Kreme donuts are better than hot ones
    The glaze needs to harden
  3. Camping isn't fun
  4. I actually enjoy mowing the grass
  5. Curling is exhilarating
  6. Baseball is super boring
  7. I don't hate the first three star wars.
    I was young when I first saw then and didn't really care, they were cool
  8. Hiking kinda sucks
    It's just walking in the woods. I only go to hang out with friends
  9. I love wearing ties/dressing nice
    I would wear ties so much more it was more acceptable/convenient
  10. I love flying by myself
  11. I think tan lines are awesome
    It's like wearing proof of how much you hang out outside