1. Batteries are expensive...... I need them for uh my " remote"
  2. Getting a text message at work asking what's from dinner, from yourself
  3. Plus one invites to social events and you say simply, " they're busy that day ( they're as in me)"
  4. No one does the dishes for you.
  5. Buying lingerie to wear once take photos for your friends then cry listening to daughter on repeat
  6. Getting your period and thinking " I'm not pregnant!", purely because your vibrator cannot impregnate you.
  7. It is inappropriate to ask a friend to come grocery shopping with you, every single Sunday.
  8. Tinder, tinder sucks as an actual dating app, but can be proven hours of fun.
  9. Getting dick pictures.
  10. Being the female variant of a fedora, or better known as the SHEdora